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Wiseman Wood Single Trumpet Case ECT EXCLUSIVE!!!

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East Coast Trumpets is excited to announce our new EXCLUSIVE Wiseman single trumpet case!  

Featuring the same great quality and protection you expect from Wiseman Cases.

Available in custom "Naked" woodgrain as well as "Faux" leather.


Details and specifications:

- Trumpet suspended with no pressure on the bell

- Removeable/replaceable shock absorbing rubber ends

- Removeable/replaceable protective edging

- removeable/replaceable padded handles

- internal Velcro mounted storage pouch for valve oil etc...

- one extremely secure mouth piece holder

- space for one straight mute

- pencil holder hole

- adjustable blocking at the base of the piston casing

- extremely strong, light-weight wooden shell

- “Naked” weighs only 3.75lbs. “Faux” leather weighs 4lbs.

- Supplied with 2x leather back pack/shoulder straps and pads

Wood finishes include Oak, Hickory, Ebony, & Red Wood