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Van Laar Trumpets & Flugelhorns



The B4 was developed on the basis of the Bach Mount Vernon trumpet. Fundamental to the rich sound is a standard bell with a normal-weight valve cluster. Unlike the original instrument, the B4 is distinguished by its improved slotting and lighter intonation. This is a reliable all-rounder for all kinds of music-making.

  • ML bore: 11.7 mm (0.461″)
  • Standard weight valve casing
  • One-piece hand-hammered bell
  • Bell material: yellow brass
  • Bell diameter: 122 mm (4.807″)


All Van Laar Trumpets & Flugelhorns are made to order and take a minimum of 8 weeks for delivery.  Manufacture to customer's specification may be possible.  Prices exclude mouthpiece and case.  Please contact us for current stock and availability.