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Bob Reeves

C2J Trumpet & Cornet Mouthpieces


Combining over 30 years of experience with scientific research and development, Bob Reeves has designed a mouthpiece that allows trumpet players to get a dark, warm flugelhorn sound on a trumpet without sacrificing intonation, range, or endurance.


The C2J has been used by orchestra players on their C trumpets to execute the extreme soft passages in the repertoire and passages that require a dark sound (Mahler Symphonies #3 and 9, and Brahms, for example). It is also optimal for church settings where a warm chorale type sound is desired.

Jazz players use the C2J to get a flugel sound when soloing and when playing ballads. Some find it convenient not having to switch to a cold horn, or even carry a flugel to a gig just to play one ballad.