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Soulo Mutes

Trumpet Bucket Mute



The New Soulo Bucket Mute offers the same amazing features, just like its predecessor, but it has a darker sound, due to the added cotton batting on the inside.  It is designed to be perfectly in tune in all registers, with no back-pressure, and no 'squirelly' notes.  It has the same unbreakable, coated brass clips, as the original Soulo bucket, which are flexible to accommodate most bell sizes and allow for quick on and off. It is still considerably lighter than all other brands. Two adjustable positions allow for different color sounds, which in turn allow a trumpet player to blend perfectly in a section, comprised of different brands of bucket mutes.  

​The mute is perfect for performance and sound recordings, as it will never fall off the bell.  It is also excellent for restaurant and church gigs. It is endorsed by US and international trumpet and trombone icons like Wayne Bergeron,  Bria Skonberg,  Roger Ingram, James Ackley, Jens Lindemann, Herb Alpert and many more.  Made in the USA by trumpet player Mike Jarosz.


  • NEW! Now stuffed with cotton batting for a darker sound
  • Perfect pitch and No back-pressure
  • 2 Adjustable positions for different color sounds
  • UNBREAKABLE clips allow quick on and off
  • Extremely lightweight, only 2.3oz! (Compare to EZ Bucket at 4.4oz)