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Van Laar Trumpets & Flugelhorns



This instrument, with its flexible sound, intonation and projection, was developed in close cooperation with Ack van Rooyen.
As was the case with all our OIRAM trumpets and OIRAM flugelhorns, the present instrument was designed by the Belgian architect Mario Garzaniti. The conical taper and the curved slides guarantee a light response. The sound is full and can be augmented to achieve great power in the top register. This flugelhorn was specially developed so that it can be clearly heard without a microphone while never losing its special flugelhorn sound.

  • Bore: 10.5 mm (0,413″)
  • Heavy weight valve casing
  • One-piece hand-hammered bell
  • Bell material: yellow brass
  • Bell diameter: 155 mm (6,102″)


All Van Laar Trumpets & Flugelhorns are made to order and take a minimum of 8 weeks for delivery.  Manufacture to customer's specification may be possible.  Prices exclude mouthpiece and case.  Please contact us for current stock and availability.